Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is Ulric our local ghost host. If you wait and listen closely he will tell you about all the different events happening thought out first parish during the haunted house. Ulric is one of many of the animatronics you will cross in the course of your visit to the First Parish Haunted house.

Outline of some of the events in the works for this years haunt

Greetings here is another update for our haunted house.
This outline is very rough but will give you an idea of what to expect this year from our haunt.
Lower Level:
Deadford Dungeon of Doom: Scary Walk through.

First floor:
Spiders Den:
This is a great Kids area has lots of activities, Games, like Owl toss, Pumpkin stack and ring toss will entertain kids of all ages. The spiders den will also have a Crafts area where kids can choose from a number of projects. (Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times.)

The Cracked Cauldron:
Offering refreshments for purchase.

Coming soon

Concert of the Great-full Dead, Bedford's School of Wizards and Witchcraft Ghostly Choir. During the Short concert you will be entertained by ghostly apparition's visiting from our sister school in England.

Second Floor:
You enter the party by first passing through Zoltan’s the Great, fortuneteller lounge. Interact with the humorous talking crystal ball. He can see your future and it’s not so scary…

Next you are whisked into the evaluation chamber where you will be sorted into one of the four houses of the Bedford School of Wizards and Witchcraft.

Following your sorting you will take a crash course in magic as you walk through the Potions Room.

Then lastly on this floor you will have the opportunity to pass into the party through the Hedge Maze. Can you find the secret chamber that overlooks the Spiders Den?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Parish of Bedford Ma Official Blog

Greetings this is the first entry for the upcoming First Parish of Bedford Ma Haunted house.
In the coming weeks we will be posting updates on what to expect this year from our Haunted event. I will say we have soemthing for all ages. Scary and not to Scary to down right humorous.
We hope you can make it.