Saturday, February 21, 2009

Monster Bash is our theme for the 2009 Haunted House.
We are moving back to a one day event but are planning two shifts.
For young and young at heart in the afternoon where all the events will be more humorous then scary. We will have events running throughout the day.
then at night the First Parish Haunted House will become very frightful. Not for the young or anyone who scares easily. Please note none of out events depict violent acts the concept of our haunted house is to give you a little scare... Something might jump out at you. Again and Again and Again...

Here are two pictures of a new prop for Dr Igor's Lab.

Here is an old Oscilloscope given to us for the for 2009's Haunted House. We gutted it and replaced the vacuum tubes with a few blinking lights. In the future once retired from use it will be sold on eBay as a prop to some other haunt around the country for further use.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Planning meeting is coming up so are a few new props

Well we are about to have our next big meeting to review this years plan. I also have more props under way. I will be posting them soon. Updates so far..
  • We are keeping the Cracked Calderon and Three Brooms Gaming themed to the HP universe.
  • You might see the times shifting in the day between Funny and Frightful events.
  • We are also looking at adding a Photo op area where you can get dressed up as your favorite Wizard and have a photo taken. More on this later.

Happy Haunting!