Saturday, December 15, 2007

End of year update on plans for next year.

2008 will see an expansion of 2007's events, the tour of Bedford School of witchcraft and wizardry will be different. It is our intention to add and mix it up so it will be very different from last year but just as charming. We are looking at two entrances to the school next year.
1) General entrance: where kids of all ages can walk through the school in a not to scary interactions.
2) Scary entrance: where you will come face to face with dark forces that wish to topple the Bedford school and enslave those that oppose he who can not be named.

We are expanding upstairs with more interactive rooms and a few more animatric creatures as you walk the mystical Streets of Job Lane. On the first floor we will be adding more games and a larger snack area. The entrance to the Deadford Dogeon of Doom will be moved to the back of First Parish allowing for better flow for all the guests.
We hope to expand the Consert of the Great-fully dead and have even more spectral visitors during the event.

Look for our video and display at the First Parish Plant fair in the spring.
Have a wonderful winter.