Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zoltan the Magnificent, has been removed as head of the Dark Arts Department at the Bedford Alchemist Society.

Due to the disappearance of the 58 guests form 2015's Open House the Grand Chancellor Philippa Thorpe of the Bedford Alchemist Society removed Zoltan the Magnificent from his position as Head of the Dark Arts Department. 

Dr. Thorpe is working closely with The American  Alchemist Guild in retrieving the guest who all apparited during Zoltan's Séance at this years open house. Dr. Thorpe went on to say that she is keep the local mundane authorities notified as each or the missing guests are retrieved from the Aether.  As of today 31 of the 58 guests have be found and transmorgiphide back into human form and released back into the mundane world. 

The Magical Congress of the United States, the European Ministry of Magic, Madrasa of the Magi and Wu of Han Academy of China  have all put out warrants for the rouge Wizards arrest on unassociated changes.

Doctor Thorpe insisted that the 2016 Open House will be unaffected by these events and is looking forward to opening the doors of their institution ,The Bedford Alchemy Society as it celebrates 199 years of operation. Save the date October 28th and 29th 2016!

Have you seen this Suit of Armor?
Its has been reported that the cursed suit of armor worn by Sir Itchington has once again escaped from the Hall of Enchantment. Please contact Master Historian Persis Durwall of the Curse Containment Department. Level nine south common catacombs. If you do see him or should I say it. DO NOT Approach he or it is extremely dangerous! We have put out a APB on the spectral net and have asked the Seekers of Salem for assistance in containing this Spector once again.