Monday, October 22, 2007

Its crunch time in Deadford 2007 First Parish HH

Well the Boston globe screwed up and posted our event for Thursday! (Dough!)

No - the haunted house is Saturday the 27th!!!!

Well not much we can do about it now. I hope not too many folks show up Thursday, if you did I am very sorry. We have asked the Globe to at least change it on their web site.

OK now onto the update. Here are two of the rooms fully set for the haunted house. The potions room has really come out well. please click the picture to see it full size.

There is a slightly spooky feel to the Spectral lounge. not too much but it has a feel for the Adventurers Club in Disney and that's not a bad thing. We set these room up for a photographer from the Minuteman newspaper. Look for an article about our little haunt in Thursdays edition.

One of our mad scientists has made an amazing animatronic sorting hat that is going to amaze the kids. I have not pictures of that yet. We want to keep it as a surprise. I can't want to see folks reactions to it.