Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to First Parish 2008 Haunted House

Welcome to the Bedford School of Witchcraft & Wizardry’s Open House

Friday Oct 24th and Saturday Oct 25th 6:00PM to 9:00PM.
75 the Great Road Bedford MA

The First Parish Haunted House was such a ‘howling’ success in 2007, that this year’s event will span 2 evenings and be bigger and more spooktacular than ever! We are adding tents to the entrance so if the weather doesn't cooperate we can keep you dry during your short wait. The Wizardry theme will continue, but with all new rooms and activities:

Second Floor: The Bedford School will loan you a special magic wand, because you will be attending class at our school. Meet the Headmaster, learn to cast spells, peer into your future in divination class, and brew up some noxious potions, but, be sure to watch out for wizards who is up to no good! After classes dismiss, find your way through the Page Castle Maze, then travel down the narrow streets of what we call Job Lane to investigate the spooky interactive shops.

First Floor: The first stop downstairs is the Great Hall. Rest up a moment while watching a 10-minute concert of the return of the Great-Fully Dead. (video projection). After the concert, stop in to the Cracked Cauldron for some refreshments. NEW this year is the Three Brooms gaming area. Buy tickets and try your hand at games of skill and chance with some great prizes available.

Lower Level: In the Games area, exit outside, tiptoe through the spooky Deadford Cemetery and pass into to the Deadford Dungeons – if you dare! The Dungeons are a scary walk-thru’ and not appropriate for younger or easily frightened children.

Entry Tickets:
$6.00 Adults
$5.00 Children age 3 - 14*
$4.00 Seniors

Your ticket includes admission for one tour through the event, one game ticket (extra game tickets: $1 each) and one ticket to the Deadford Dungeons (can be used for additional game, if not used for Dungeon). Re-Entry tickets to the Bedford School tour OR the Deadford Dungeon’s tour are $1 each. * Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Game Tickets
Tickets for the Three broom Gaming area are available at the information desk outside the Gaming area. Ticket prices are:
1 ticket 1.00
5 tickets 5.00
10 tickets for 9.00
15 tickets for 12.00

This event is handicapped accessible.
All proceeds from the Cracked Cauldron go in support of the First Parish Youth Group’s project to supply books to elementary students at the C.W. Morey School in Lowell.