Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What did we do before Ebay?

Here are a few robes I got cheap on ebay. They are Headmaster Robes for the Evaluation Chamber. Each House is represented by the different colored robe. I am still amazed how easy it is to find things like this on ebay. Speaking of the Evaluation Chamber I got a note that the animatronic hat is underway I hope to have a few photos in the coming weeks. That's it for this weeks update.

What the heck is that?

Ok, so I collected all this junk from my garage I was trying to make something that would fit in the Potions room. You ask what is it? Well to tell you the truth I haven't a clue other then to say that any good potions master or Alchemist wouldn't be without one. So lets call it a Celestial illuminar. That sounds good to me. It looks very cool when lit not bad for a brass port hole some Christmas decorations, old tin cupcake pans and some lamp parts.
An extra bonus I got my junk drawer cleaned out in the garage.