Sunday, October 7, 2007

First Parish Haunted House 3 Floors of Fun

Click the image to see all that is happening at First Parish
Areas marked in Red are for older kids. The only other area that might be scary is the Hedge Maze on the second floor.
The entrance to the Deadford Dungeon of Doom is through the Deadford Cemetery around the back of the Church and through the side entrance.
You can go through the Deadford Cemetery and not go into the Dungeon if you like to see the haunted grave yard.
The main Entrance to the Haunted house is through the Front of the Church on the common side.

NEW Animatronic Completed just in Time

This is Norman and he will be singing Grim Grinning Ghosts near the Hedge Maze on the second floor be certain to check him out. This prop is built from a singing christmas tree not only does his eyes open and his mouth open and close his head also rocks side to side as he sings.