Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Welcome to the First Parish Haunted House.
2015 Theme The Bedford Alchemist Society's open house. This event was such a great success that we are going to have another one next year. Look for all new stories, scares and excitement in 2016!  Here are some pictures of 2015 events.  
Headmaster of the Bedford Alchemist Society
 One of our Ghost Hosts  
Masque of the Red Death
 The Vault of Mysteries
Zoltan's inner sanctum
The Aether weakened between Dimensions.
The Lab
Some of Dr. Ric Mortus equipment.

Beware the Green House and its Carnivorous plants...
Bio Lab where some experiments ran astray.
More pictures from Bedford Alchemist Society open house 2015
Dr. Rick Mortis with two of his failed experiments and a Visit from his arch enemies creation Frankenstein's Monster.

Voltan with his Minion Vladimir and two spectral apparitions that wreaked havoc on our guests.

An accident in the Bio Lab caused our guests great discomfort...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Another VERY successful year has come to a close.

Well it was a little slow Friday night but Saturday made up for it. All the guests seemed to have a great time. Look to future updates to include more pictures from this years event.
Hope you had a great time and if you didn't get to First Parish for our haunted weekend we may be back next year...
75 Great Road has NEVER looked like this before.
Masque of the Red Death
Cast of the Masque

Masques used in the production