Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kick off meeting report

Well our first meeting for 2008 went very well. Here are a few key items covered:

  • We are expanding the size of the event incorporating another room upstairs.
  • Registration and the line to get in will now be under tents next to the Church.
  • We will have a short video running at the enterence to give out information on the three floors of activities and how ticketing will work.
  • A simplified ticketing system will be in place for folks who want to do parts of the haunted house more then once. This was a big issue last year and we think this will resolve the issue allowing for folks to have a significantly reduced re-entrance fee.
  • We are continuing our Harry Potter inspired theme: Welcome to The Bedford School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but each of the rooms will be different then last year. Two slightly scary.
  • Two entrance's Scary and Not Scary to the Bedford School.
  • The Cracked Cauldron will be expanding.
  • The spiders Den makes way for the Three Brooms Gaming area.
  • The Deadford Dungeon of Doom is being reworked more info (coming soon)
  • We are moving the flow of the different events to allow for less confusion.

We are looking for more yards to place signs if you have a high profile yard that you wouldn't mind having a sign in please let me know at

Thank you