Sunday, June 7, 2009

Plans are moving forward on this new Haunted house.
We will have a less scary haunted house from 2PM to 5PM.
then things get scary at 6PM till 9PM when the haunted house steps it up a notch.
This years flow will be changing as well. Our entrance is moving to the Elm st side of the old meeting house. This gives us an extra room to add more events.

Currently in the works for upstairs:
  • The Bedford Adventurers Club
  • Dr Heisenberg's Matter Conveyor
  • The Brides workshop
  • Igor's Interactive Lab
  • Alien Invasion
  • The Experiments room
On the first floor you will find:
  • The Bedford Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry's Great Hall where you will find The Cracked Calderon Food and Drinks and Three Broom Gaming, games of skill for all ages.
  • The Page House Maze
  • And a whole lot more...
Keep tabs on this site for the latest news and plans.
Happy haunting