Sunday, August 24, 2008

Props coming together and going GREEN

New Props
Three of the new rooms for the visitors to the Open House of the Bedford School this year will be the Headmaster's Chamber, Divination Classroom and the Potions Master's Office. These photos are of different props you will see in these new rooms.
The shelve is from an old peice of wood from a replaced deck. The Jars are all Salsa Jars with new lables on them they will be aged with water colors and then will be ready for the Potoin Masters office.

One of the house Bells Rung when a member is in good standing

This is a Crystal ball from the Divinations Classroom

One of the four house owl lanterns you will see in the headmasters office.

First Parish Haunted House is GREEN!
We have always prided ourselves in re-purposing as much of the environment we create as possible. From the Jars and Bottles of the Potion masters classroom last year and his Office this year to the walls of the hedge maze last year all had been found objects destine for a land fill. The three large props this year will be built from reclaimed wood. They are built with wood from a Deck that was recently replaced, a old play structure that no longer was safe and pallets destine to be used as firewood. These props will remain in circulation for years to come. The bottle will some day find there way into the recycling but for now we are excited to use them as set decorations. Some items will be combined and sold as sets on eBay for other Haunts to use in the future. We choose not to use specific items because of the potential effect on people and planet. We use latex based paints for all the props and we don't use oil based smoke machine at the event. We would love to use smoke machines but they are 1400 watts that we can do without. Where possible we are using LED lighting as a means to reduce our energy requirements. All the maps are printed on recycled paper. The popcorn bag we used at first parish are made of recycled paper and we continue to look at ways keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum.

Theme for 2009
Not the last Haunted House but our last year of the Bedford School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In 2009 we are moving on to a new theme still as always family friendly with a little Boo! to make you smile. Stay tuned!