Sunday, December 20, 2015

Results from the 89th Houdini Invitational in Appleton Wisconsin.

We are pleased to announce that a number of Bedford Alchemist Society members have won awards at the 89th Houdini Invitational in Appleton Wisconsin. Members of the Bedford Alchemy Society were contestants in the following categories.
Magical Events:

·       Spell Casting

·       Transmogrification

·       (Non GMO) Potions Challenge

·       Conjuring

·       Curse Breaking

Alchemy Events:

·       Perpetual Motion

·       Steam Manipulation

·       Nuclear Transmutation

·       Multi-Dimensional Obstacle Course

·       Automaton Boxing

 It was a wonderful three day experience and The Bedford Alchemist Society didn’t come home empty handed. Along with a Gold in Non GMO Potions and two Silvers in Spell Casting we are pleased to announce that we received the Lead Star the highest Alchemy honor in the world.

The 89th Houdini Invitational was presented by the American Alchemist Alliance, The Magical Congress of the United States of America and the Indigenous Mystical Council of the America’s.