Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Welcome to the First Parish Haunted House Plans for 2016
The Bedford Alchemist Society's has agreed to  open its doors again in 2016 October 28th and 29th. Look for all new stories, scares and excitement as the Alchemists allow the public to see even more of their Secret Society and the enchanted and mysterious items they oversee. If you missed the open house in 2015 you'll  have a chance next year to meet these wonderful Alchemists hidden right here in Bedford. 
Historical Images from the Bedford Alchemist Society retrieval missions of cursed objects from around the world.
Close to home at the request of Town Elders the Lane brothers, Thomas, Richard and Harold successfully retrieved the Bedford Cemetery Sign from the old burial ground in 1865.  Bedford Alchemist historical records state that cemetery sign would awaken and give disturbing messages from beyond the grave.

This prehistoric creature terrorized Wilson Farm before its capture in 1903 by the Bedford Alchemist Society. Although thought dead the creature appeared to escaped the crypts below the old meeting house in 1939.
1875 returning from a trip to Mexico The Bedford Alchemist team retrieved an enchanted Icon from an Aztec National Geographic dig outside Mexico City.
Philippa and Alcester Page with their dog Aristotle on their return leg from a retrieval mission to Easter Island in 1923. The enchanted statue, though quite animated at times appears to have a limited vocabulary.