Monday, January 25, 2016

From the Achieves of the Bedford Alchemist Society:
One Hundred years ago today the Bedford Alchemist Society procured its first Flying Carpet.

"January 24th  1916, Alchemist First Class Oswald Brooksby, watches as a member of the historic Order of Ottoman Magi put the flying carpet through its paces. It is expected that this is the first transfer of magical objects from Constantinople. With great excitement we hope it will be one of many."

Sadly the pact between The Bedford Alchemy Society and the Order of Ottoman Magi was broken in 1923 with dissolving of the Ottoman Empire.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Results from the 89th Houdini Invitational in Appleton Wisconsin.

We are pleased to announce that a number of Bedford Alchemist Society members have won awards at the 89th Houdini Invitational in Appleton Wisconsin. Members of the Bedford Alchemy Society were contestants in the following categories.
Magical Events:

·       Spell Casting

·       Transmogrification

·       (Non GMO) Potions Challenge

·       Conjuring

·       Curse Breaking

Alchemy Events:

·       Perpetual Motion

·       Steam Manipulation

·       Nuclear Transmutation

·       Multi-Dimensional Obstacle Course

·       Automaton Boxing

 It was a wonderful three day experience and The Bedford Alchemist Society didn’t come home empty handed. Along with a Gold in Non GMO Potions and two Silvers in Spell Casting we are pleased to announce that we received the Lead Star the highest Alchemy honor in the world.

The 89th Houdini Invitational was presented by the American Alchemist Alliance, The Magical Congress of the United States of America and the Indigenous Mystical Council of the America’s.  


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zoltan the Magnificent, has been removed as head of the Dark Arts Department at the Bedford Alchemist Society.

Due to the disappearance of the 58 guests form 2015's Open House the Grand Chancellor Philippa Thorpe of the Bedford Alchemist Society removed Zoltan the Magnificent from his position as Head of the Dark Arts Department. 

Dr. Thorpe is working closely with The American  Alchemist Guild in retrieving the guest who all apparited during Zoltan's Séance at this years open house. Dr. Thorpe went on to say that she is keep the local mundane authorities notified as each or the missing guests are retrieved from the Aether.  As of today 31 of the 58 guests have be found and transmorgiphide back into human form and released back into the mundane world. 

The Magical Congress of the United States, the European Ministry of Magic, Madrasa of the Magi and Wu of Han Academy of China  have all put out warrants for the rouge Wizards arrest on unassociated changes.

Doctor Thorpe insisted that the 2016 Open House will be unaffected by these events and is looking forward to opening the doors of their institution ,The Bedford Alchemy Society as it celebrates 199 years of operation. Save the date October 28th and 29th 2016!

Have you seen this Suit of Armor?
Its has been reported that the cursed suit of armor worn by Sir Itchington has once again escaped from the Hall of Enchantment. Please contact Master Historian Persis Durwall of the Curse Containment Department. Level nine south common catacombs. If you do see him or should I say it. DO NOT Approach he or it is extremely dangerous! We have put out a APB on the spectral net and have asked the Seekers of Salem for assistance in containing this Spector once again.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Welcome to the First Parish Haunted House Plans for 2016
The Bedford Alchemist Society's has agreed to  open its doors again in 2016 October 28th and 29th. Look for all new stories, scares and excitement as the Alchemists allow the public to see even more of their Secret Society and the enchanted and mysterious items they oversee. If you missed the open house in 2015 you'll  have a chance next year to meet these wonderful Alchemists hidden right here in Bedford. 
Historical Images from the Bedford Alchemist Society retrieval missions of cursed objects from around the world.
Close to home at the request of Town Elders the Lane brothers, Thomas, Richard and Harold successfully retrieved the Bedford Cemetery Sign from the old burial ground in 1865.  Bedford Alchemist historical records state that cemetery sign would awaken and give disturbing messages from beyond the grave.

This prehistoric creature terrorized Wilson Farm before its capture in 1903 by the Bedford Alchemist Society. Although thought dead the creature appeared to escaped the crypts below the old meeting house in 1939.
1875 returning from a trip to Mexico The Bedford Alchemist team retrieved an enchanted Icon from an Aztec National Geographic dig outside Mexico City.
Philippa and Alcester Page with their dog Aristotle on their return leg from a retrieval mission to Easter Island in 1923. The enchanted statue, though quite animated at times appears to have a limited vocabulary.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Welcome to the First Parish Haunted House.
2015 Theme The Bedford Alchemist Society's open house. This event was such a great success that we are going to have another one next year. Look for all new stories, scares and excitement in 2016!  Here are some pictures of 2015 events.  
Headmaster of the Bedford Alchemist Society
 One of our Ghost Hosts  
Masque of the Red Death
 The Vault of Mysteries
Zoltan's inner sanctum
The Aether weakened between Dimensions.
The Lab
Some of Dr. Ric Mortus equipment.

Beware the Green House and its Carnivorous plants...
Bio Lab where some experiments ran astray.