Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sir Itchington was discovered today in the Basement of a local Bedford resident.

The enchanted Armor of Sir Itchington of Kent was discovered this morning in the basement of a local Bedford resident. It would appear the rear door to the basement was pried open from the outside.
The Armor was discovered next to a pile of tools that were collected from the workshop.

The Armor has been placed in Spectral Keep in the Basement of the Bedford Alchemist Society.

"It is questionable if it will be allowed to be put on display during this falls open house. "

Grand Chancellor Philippa Thorpe of the Alchemist Society stated in an interview this morning.

"We have enough on our plates trying to Exorcise the spectral guest of the Bedford Dungan in time for this years open house."
She went on to say.
" The Armor of Sir Itchington of Kent may be extradited back to the Ministry of Great Briton. We offered to hold the enchanted armor for a short time and that has now been more then a hundred years. Its may be time for Sir Itchington  go back to Kent and let the local Wizengamot deal with it."

Grand Chancellor Philippa Thorpe  finished by saying.

"We look forward to our Open House, October 28th and 29th of the Bedford Alchemy Society and we are certain that none of the events that had happened last year to the Visitor will be repeated."